Need Preventive Maintenance for Your Home?

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How do you know if your home or business is in great shape? The experts at SLC Construction & Design will find out for you. We offer preventive maintenance services for residential and commercial clients in the Lafayette area. We'll check roofs, ceilings, windows, electrical work and anything else that needs regular upkeep.

Benefits of preventive maintenance

Benefits of preventive maintenance

Not sure if your home really needs regular maintenance? Preventive maintenance is worth it in the long run. You'll come out ahead by:

  • Maximizing the life of home equipment, fixtures and systems
  • Reducing safety risks from faulty or damaged equipment
  • Minimizing future damage and repair costs
  • Increasing peace of mind knowing everything works properly

We'll do maintenance on our prior work as needed to keep it up. After we complete our work, we'll do a three-month check-in to ensure everything is working properly. Still have more questions? Call 337-356-9939 now to get answers from a professional.